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Sunrooms add value to your house and at the same time a nice place to have fun

One of the best ways to add value to your house is to build an extension just like the very functional sunroom. Aside from increasing your house’s floor area, this room could be used for several purposes from extending your living area, a well-lighted dining place, or simply a room where family members could gather and enjoy the surrounding environment’s natural view. Sunrooms have different names or terms from conservatories, patio rooms, garden rooms, solariums, or Florida rooms, but they generally share the same characteristic of being a house extension that is enclosed by glass and/or screens. They are traditionally enjoyed on a fine sunny weather, but today, they are functional all year round. Sunrooms could be built in distinct styles, designs, and sizes. Adding extra amount of daylight to your house could provide a lighter and warmer feeling.

Aside from plain panes for glass sunrooms, there are other materials that are able to provide higher levels of protection for your patio

Acrylic panes are among the examples of these options. Included in the benefit of using acrylic panes is the ability to remove or reinstall them on your patio allowing you to adjust the level of protection you need any day of the year. Vinyl panes crafted from 10 mil vinyl is another best alternative for wood that is durable and at the same time, weather-resistant. To ensure smooth operation of these panes, they are all custom-fitted. They are also very easy or simple to clean. Ventilation is maximized at 70%. And you have the option to choose your preferred color between plain white and bronze frames that feature clear, smoke gray or, purple vinyl.

The most popular sunrooms today are those equipped with vinyl window panes

Vinyl is very popular because it is highly insulated making it weather-resistant and this also makes vinyl panes maintenance free. Vinyl is also very flexible and can be cut and used in different sizes, shapes, or styles. This material is also opted for sunrooms because it works great in creating those classic Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, or Lean-To appearances. Vinyl does its job perfectly either in the extreme cold or hot conditions. It is easy to source out, has been tested by time, and costs cheaper than acrylic or wood.

Internal beaded or externally glazed windows are possible with sunrooms built using vinyl

Homeowners prefer their glass windows to be internally beaded for better security. Interior beading simply means that the glass is attached and secured in place from the inside out. Sunrooms built with vinyl also offer extra strength and durability because additional walls and reinforcements are naturally required when fixing vinyl panes.

Sunrooms built with vinyl are popular because they are durable, functional, easy to maintain, flexible in terms of shapes and sizes, and are simply gorgeous

Though these are the great features of vinyl, some homeowners are still hesitant on using or installing them on their sunrooms mainly because this material simply mimics the look and characteristics of wood. If you want your sunroom to be more realistic, then you can opt for real wood. But if you want to save on costs, vinyl is by far the best alternative. Gold Coast Aluminum is a complete store and service provider for all your sunroom needs. We provide complete building products and services from the concrete foundations or reinforcements to electrical wirings.