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Enclosure Restoration

Screen Enclosure Restoration

The paint begins to fade and they glossy screen turns brittle — screen enclosures just like everything else require maintenance and restoration. Gulf Coast Aluminum has developed a cost effective solution to the deterioration of screen enclosures.  Your typical pool enclosure needs restoration after 10 years of construction.  After 10 year exposure to the Florida elements; the paint begins to fade and  steel screws have  rusted to the point where your screen enclosures structural integrity has been compromised. Our restoration process will bring you screen enclosure back up to code and enhances your home’s value and beauty.

Complete screen enclosure restoration consists of 3 parts:

    1. We replace all screen. Choose from our American made standard screen, Phipher 18×14, or enjoy longevity and piece of mind with our upgraded Super Screen that has an unrivaled 10 year warranty. Supper screen leads the market for mold resistance tear resistance and pet safe.
    2. We re-paint your screen enclosure to crisp pristine condition.  Before painting we remove all mold and corrosion with a thorough presser wash using a Loxon acrylic conditioner.   After cleaning your enclosure is ready for a fresh coat of high quality marine grade DTM acrylic paint, that is warrantied for 3 years.
    3. Those rusty old screws are removed and brand new Nylotec/Protect fasteners are installed. With Nylotec/Protect fasteners you never have to worry about rust again, and they are warrantied for 10 years.


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Replacing and power washing screen service.

In south west Florida pool screens will last from 7 to 20 year depending on the type of screen you buy. The difference  in quality screen will also effect the maintenance required. Some screens have a mold inhibitor mixed in to the material.  We offer all screen products on the market form Privacy screen, 20x 20 no see’um , Better view  Pet screen , sun screen and supper screen.   We power wash pool screens they have accumulated  mold over time and make they appear like new. We also replace old brittle screen with new fresh and vibrant screen that last.