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Screw Replacement


Ensure that your pool cage remains in tact through the next tropical storm. Typical galvanized Tapcons or screws rust through in 3 short years of south florida tropical conditions.  Rusted screws not only stain your patio, but also diminish the structural integrity of your pool enclosure as the leverage placed on screws by the aluminum structure is enough to break with only 30 mile per hour winds. Once your concrete anchors are completely rusted through is nothing holding your screen enclosure to the concrete slab and it will blow over.  To combat the problem Gulf Coast Aluminum offers 2 choices: stainless steel screws with an expected lifespan of 15+ years, 5 times the life of rust prone galvanized steel AND Nylotec/Protec’s which come with a 10 year warranty.  Both of which  offer a cost effective solution over carbon or galvanized steel screws in the long run.

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Gulf Coast aluminum is a state certified contractor and we always replace all screws with the correct diameter and length to ensure your screen enclosure is not compromised. We offer four types of screws to fit all budgets and needs plain painted steel, hybrid of steel and stainless steel, pure stainless and lastly a new product called Nylo Tec. Give us a call today and restore the integrity of your pool cage to better than original quality.