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Screen Enclosures: How Often Do I Need To Re-screen? (and Repaint)

Screening closures exist on every home in Southwest Florida. We all see them covering pools around to the local neighborhoods. Like any other structure, they require maintenance as they age. The most common maintenance your screen enclosure will need is a re-screen. The typical mash on the screen enclosure lasts between three and 10 years depending on what type of screen you got. The low-grade builders grade screen mesh only last 3 to 5 years when exposed to the elements of Southwest Florida. The better fiberglass screen called Phifer, a company out of Alabama generally lasts 7 to 9 years. Once your screen has reached that age, it is probably time for a re-screen.

Screen Enclosures Can Also Be Repainted

You might also noticed that the paint on screen enclosures fades and goes from a deep dark Chris bronze to nearly a gray and in some cases even turn green. This is the result of the epoxy paint used on most metal. Like the paint on your house you will also need to repaint your screen enclosure.  It is commonly recommended to paint your house every 8 to 10 years, and a screening closure is no different. We have perfected the art of repainting screening closures so ask us about that service when you call.

Resources For Screen Enclosures

Here is an epic list of the best screen enclosure resources available online

FLscreens.com : Not in our service area?  Flscreens handles screen enclosures state wide working with only the top ranked companies in each area.  They also have an exceptional learning center with hundreds of guides and articles on everything you need to know about screen enclosures.

4 Types of Screen Every Homeowner Should Know About:  Yes, there is more than 1 type of screen available for screen enclosures.  This article discusses the pro’s and cons of the major types of screen mesh and tells you what to avoid.

When Is It Time For A Re-screen?  Learn how to assess your screen condition with a quick look.  This article features a handful of pictures showing screen enclosures with screen in various conditions to help you discern when your screen mesh has reached its life expectancy.  Good information for anyone that wants to understand their needs!

GCA Standard Pool Cages VS Builders Grade:  learn what companies are using the best materials to prevent maintenance needs in the future, and how this differs from the common builders grade screen enclosures.

Images Of Screen Enclosures That We Have Re-screened!