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How to Rescreen pool screen enclosure

The first step is getting the materials for re – screening  consisting of a tape measure screen, spline and a screen roller. All of these  items can be found at your local Home Depot.  The next step is measuring  each screen panel  you are replacing.  The dimensions of your damaged screen will dictate what size roll of screen you will need to buy.  Make sure the roll of screen is at least four in longer than either side of the panel you are replacing.  Four extra inches are required to pull the screen as you roll the spline in to the aluminum track. If you are right handed you will roll with your right and pull the screen tight with your left.  A Properly rolled screen is tight and square.

Installing the screen can be difficult depending on where the screen is located. The walls are the easiest and the higher you go the more difficult screening becomes.  For right handed people the best way to start screening is in the top right section of the panel. You begin at the top because gravity will help put the screen in to place and you begin the in the right corner to enable your left had to hold the screen and spline in place while your right hand roles the spline in to place .  If you are a beginner you may want of pre roll the screen into the screen cage to make your job easier.

After the top track of the pool screen  is rolled in and is square ; you then move to the bottom.  Be sure to pull the screen tight about a foot ahead of  your  screen roller is. This will keep your screen  panel tight and square.  After the bottom start on the right side of the panel saving  the left side of the screen panel for last to enabling  you  to pull with your left hand to remove  any bubbles in your screen panel.


5 General rules of thumb

Never cut along the face of the aluminum cage. It will leave a scratch in the metal that will last for years.

Always cut  the excess screen before you move your ladder.  No reason to set up the ladder twice .

Do not change you razor blade before in the middle of rescreening a pool cage you are far more apt to cut yourself of the screen.

Leave a tab along the chair wells of the cage so when you are tying them in later  you can pull out the screen and adjust for bubles

Order a roll of screen that will cover the walls of the cage so you can cut 3 pieces to do the entire primer of the cage.