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How to fix a screen door

Photo Dec 18, 1 55 24 PMA new screen door cost around 150 dollars to be replaced. There are many options  depending on how bad you screen door is damaged. Sometimes you can replace just the swing door kit and not the full door. This generally depends on how old your door is. For a full replacement you will need a door bug sweep, door kit and hinges if you are not reusing the old ones.  Hopefully you  can use the same holes for a fast easy installation but sometimes  you may half to replace the frame around the screen door this is called  Z Bar, Which is a type of aluminum that had the same design as a screen door. The Z Bar floats on the frame to enable one to adjust for the screen door to have all the spaces equal in the door frame.


Building a screen wall with a door

Decide were the door is going then place two marks on the ground 36 in apart then frame in the door by using a 2×2 36 in apart. Your standard physical door is is 35.5 inches wide. You need the half inch for the door to open and close nicely. The half inch of play is for the hinges and the door latch to work properly. Once you frame in the wall including the door it is time to use install the Z Bar that slides over the 2×2. Be sure to gut your angles correctly your two 45 cuts will be in plane view. Next fasten the Z Bar to the 2×2 and then install the hinges on the door and lastly to the Z Bar. The last part of the door installation  is the door kit.  Be sure the door closed tight where so there is no space between the door and the zbar