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Pool cage in Punta Gorda Isles

We take great pride in providing quality screen repair to Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte and the surrounding  areas.

SWFLrescreens  is your local and reliable professional re-screening company and has over 34 years of family experience . We provide high quality screening material and our service leaves you with an enclosure that appears like new.  Weather you are looking for a pool cage extension, or a pool cage restoration give us a call so we can help you today.

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Services: Pool screen repair pool enclosure screening, patio screening, entry way screening, sliding screen door screening, screen door screening, pet door installations, frame re-anchoring , door hardware replacements, re-splining existing screens, complete re-screens, partial re-screens carports composite roofs power washing and more.

Types of screen for every need.

  •  Super screen    Tired of torn and moldy screens. Super screen last over 10 years and is mold,algae and Mildew resistant.
  • The type of spline ? There are 2 types of spline flat and round. The round spline has been discontinued, because  it is designed to blow put when the wind reached a certain limit. Cages are now build to withstand the wind and all new cages have flat spline.
  • Why can’t I put privacy screen on my roof?  When installing privacy  screen you cannot have it on the roof. 20 by 20 mesh screen on the roof of a cage is a recipe for disaster. The water can not pass through the screen as easily as your standard 16 by 14 and the screen panel turns in to a sail on the top of your cage. Make sure your contractor is licensed and insured and that you save your contract just in case for future insurance needs. On that note AFI insurance is great and I wish everyone had it. Make sure your contractor uses proper spline super screen has special spline just for itself. If you have a older cage and have round spline that was designed to blow out during high winds. Unforgettably you cannot  change you spline from round to flat. Some cages are have a universal spline grove and they no longer make them any more because both types of spline will not hold in that spline track.   When hurricanes go through the state of Florida  we always get people that come form everywhere in search of work. In some cases they do more harm than good. The most recent example this was after Charley in 2004 many of the pool cages were build with out a permit and were not build to code. A structure that has not been finalized by the local county will not be covered by your insurance company.