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Front Entries

Open your home to the beautiful Florida weather with a screed front entrance way.


  • Choice of a custom design that you can return home to and be proud of.
  • Allow cross air flow
  • Increase you home’s air circulation
  • Lower energy bill

Beautify your home with a custom front entry way by Gulf Coast Aluminum.  On those beautiful Florida days a front entrance way can be your best friend.  It will let the breeze thorough and keep the bugs out.  Get a quote conveniently online for your front entryway.

With many designer doors to choose from, you are able to create an entry way that compliments the exterior of your home.

A front porch addition adds immediate value and instant curb appeal to any home. From building a front porch to installing porch enclosures like screened-porch-kits for added living space, porch additions are almost always worth the cost.

You can screen the front entry or front porch of your house to protect it from insects, and keep kids and pets inside when you open the front door. In regions of the country and times of the year when weather is temperate, you can live your front door open to let the outside breeze in and save in air conditioning costs without worrying about bugs and debris.

A screened front entry is usually a small enclosure with an aluminum frame in either white or bronze color. Most have only one regular screen door, but some choose double doors for easier access or custom doors for a more unique and refined look.

Regular 18×14 mesh screen is very popular, but many get 20×20 mesh screens for small insect control (No-see-ums) and a little more day time privacy. Florida-Glass (vinyl laminated) screen or kick-plate is sometimes installed on the lower section of the enclosure for extra protection from rain and debris.