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Screen Enclosures: How Often Do I Need To Re-screen? (and Repaint)

Screening closures exist on every home in Southwest Florida. We all see them covering pools around to the local neighborhoods. Like any other structure, they require maintenance as they age. The most common maintenance your screen enclosure will need is a re-screen. The typical mash on the screen enclosure lasts between three and 10 years depending on what type of screen you got. The low-grade builders grade screen mesh only last 3 to 5 years when exposed to the elements of Southwest Florida. The better fiberglass screen called Phifer, a company out of Alabama generally lasts 7 to 9 years. Once your screen has reached that age, it is probably time for a re-screen.

Screen Enclosures Can Also Be Repainted

You might also noticed that the paint on screen enclosures fades and goes from a deep dark Chris bronze to nearly a gray and in some cases even turn green. This is the result of the epoxy paint used on most metal. Like the paint on your house you will also need to repaint your screen enclosure.  It is commonly recommended to paint your house every 8 to 10 years, and a screening closure is no different. We have perfected the art of repainting screening closures so ask us about that service when you call.

Resources For Screen Enclosures

Here is an epic list of the best screen enclosure resources available online

FLscreens.com : Not in our service area?  Flscreens handles screen enclosures state wide working with only the top ranked companies in each area.  They also have an exceptional learning center with hundreds of guides and articles on everything you need to know about screen enclosures.

4 Types of Screen Every Homeowner Should Know About:  Yes, there is more than 1 type of screen available for screen enclosures.  This article discusses the pro’s and cons of the major types of screen mesh and tells you what to avoid.

When Is It Time For A Re-screen?  Learn how to assess your screen condition with a quick look.  This article features a handful of pictures showing screen enclosures with screen in various conditions to help you discern when your screen mesh has reached its life expectancy.  Good information for anyone that wants to understand their needs!

GCA Standard Pool Cages VS Builders Grade:  learn what companies are using the best materials to prevent maintenance needs in the future, and how this differs from the common builders grade screen enclosures.

Images Of Screen Enclosures That We Have Re-screened!


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Sunrooms add value to your house and at the same time a nice place to have fun

One of the best ways to add value to your house is to build an extension just like the very functional sunroom. Aside from increasing your house’s floor area, this room could be used for several purposes from extending your living area, a well-lighted dining place, or simply a room where family members could gather and enjoy the surrounding environment’s natural view. Sunrooms have different names or terms from conservatories, patio rooms, garden rooms, solariums, or Florida rooms, but they generally share the same characteristic of being a house extension that is enclosed by glass and/or screens. They are traditionally enjoyed on a fine sunny weather, but today, they are functional all year round. Sunrooms could be built in distinct styles, designs, and sizes. Adding extra amount of daylight to your house could provide a lighter and warmer feeling.

Aside from plain panes for glass sunrooms, there are other materials that are able to provide higher levels of protection for your patio

Acrylic panes are among the examples of these options. Included in the benefit of using acrylic panes is the ability to remove or reinstall them on your patio allowing you to adjust the level of protection you need any day of the year. Vinyl panes crafted from 10 mil vinyl is another best alternative for wood that is durable and at the same time, weather-resistant. To ensure smooth operation of these panes, they are all custom-fitted. They are also very easy or simple to clean. Ventilation is maximized at 70%. And you have the option to choose your preferred color between plain white and bronze frames that feature clear, smoke gray or, purple vinyl.

The most popular sunrooms today are those equipped with vinyl window panes

Vinyl is very popular because it is highly insulated making it weather-resistant and this also makes vinyl panes maintenance free. Vinyl is also very flexible and can be cut and used in different sizes, shapes, or styles. This material is also opted for sunrooms because it works great in creating those classic Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, or Lean-To appearances. Vinyl does its job perfectly either in the extreme cold or hot conditions. It is easy to source out, has been tested by time, and costs cheaper than acrylic or wood.

Internal beaded or externally glazed windows are possible with sunrooms built using vinyl

Homeowners prefer their glass windows to be internally beaded for better security. Interior beading simply means that the glass is attached and secured in place from the inside out. Sunrooms built with vinyl also offer extra strength and durability because additional walls and reinforcements are naturally required when fixing vinyl panes.

Sunrooms built with vinyl are popular because they are durable, functional, easy to maintain, flexible in terms of shapes and sizes, and are simply gorgeous

Though these are the great features of vinyl, some homeowners are still hesitant on using or installing them on their sunrooms mainly because this material simply mimics the look and characteristics of wood. If you want your sunroom to be more realistic, then you can opt for real wood. But if you want to save on costs, vinyl is by far the best alternative. Gold Coast Aluminum is a complete store and service provider for all your sunroom needs. We provide complete building products and services from the concrete foundations or reinforcements to electrical wirings.

How to fix a screen door

Photo Dec 18, 1 55 24 PMA new screen door cost around 150 dollars to be replaced. There are many options  depending on how bad you screen door is damaged. Sometimes you can replace just the swing door kit and not the full door. This generally depends on how old your door is. For a full replacement you will need a door bug sweep, door kit and hinges if you are not reusing the old ones.  Hopefully you  can use the same holes for a fast easy installation but sometimes  you may half to replace the frame around the screen door this is called  Z Bar, Which is a type of aluminum that had the same design as a screen door. The Z Bar floats on the frame to enable one to adjust for the screen door to have all the spaces equal in the door frame.


Building a screen wall with a door

Decide were the door is going then place two marks on the ground 36 in apart then frame in the door by using a 2×2 36 in apart. Your standard physical door is is 35.5 inches wide. You need the half inch for the door to open and close nicely. The half inch of play is for the hinges and the door latch to work properly. Once you frame in the wall including the door it is time to use install the Z Bar that slides over the 2×2. Be sure to gut your angles correctly your two 45 cuts will be in plane view. Next fasten the Z Bar to the 2×2 and then install the hinges on the door and lastly to the Z Bar. The last part of the door installation  is the door kit.  Be sure the door closed tight where so there is no space between the door and the zbar

How Long Does Screen Usually Last?

Roof of Pool Cage with tears.

Roof of Pool Cage with tears.

One question we get all the time is “when do I replace my Pool screens?” Your standard screen will last 6- 8 years. The screen on the roof of a pool cage will go first because of it’s direct exposure to Florida’s sun. On average the walls of a pool cage will last 2 years longer than the roof.

We install every type of screen on the market from Florida Glass to Phifer better view , solar screen to keep the heat  out to privacy screen to keep the no see-ums  out of your Screen porch. Your standard screen has a 18 by 16 square  pattern . This means that for every one square inch of screen there are 16 little squares across and 14 little squares high. Privacy screen has a 20 by 20 mesh letting less light and wind to pass through Your standard screen will last 7- 10 years   years. The screen on the roof of a pool cage will go first because of it’s direct exposure to Florida’s sun. On average the walls of a pool cage will last 2 years longer than the roof. We install every type of screen on the market from Florida Glass to Phifer better view , solar screen to keep the heat  out to privacy screen to keep the no see-ums  out of your Screen porch. Your standard screen has a 18 by 16 square  pattern . This means that for every one square inch of screen there are 16 little squares across and 14 little squares high. Privacy screen has a 20 by 20 mesh letting less light and wind to pass through.

How to Rescreen pool screen enclosure

The first step is getting the materials for re – screening  consisting of a tape measure screen, spline and a screen roller. All of these  items can be found at your local Home Depot.  The next step is measuring  each screen panel  you are replacing.  The dimensions of your damaged screen will dictate what size roll of screen you will need to buy.  Make sure the roll of screen is at least four in longer than either side of the panel you are replacing.  Four extra inches are required to pull the screen as you roll the spline in to the aluminum track. If you are right handed you will roll with your right and pull the screen tight with your left.  A Properly rolled screen is tight and square.

Installing the screen can be difficult depending on where the screen is located. The walls are the easiest and the higher you go the more difficult screening becomes.  For right handed people the best way to start screening is in the top right section of the panel. You begin at the top because gravity will help put the screen in to place and you begin the in the right corner to enable your left had to hold the screen and spline in place while your right hand roles the spline in to place .  If you are a beginner you may want of pre roll the screen into the screen cage to make your job easier.

After the top track of the pool screen  is rolled in and is square ; you then move to the bottom.  Be sure to pull the screen tight about a foot ahead of  your  screen roller is. This will keep your screen  panel tight and square.  After the bottom start on the right side of the panel saving  the left side of the screen panel for last to enabling  you  to pull with your left hand to remove  any bubbles in your screen panel.


5 General rules of thumb

Never cut along the face of the aluminum cage. It will leave a scratch in the metal that will last for years.

Always cut  the excess screen before you move your ladder.  No reason to set up the ladder twice .

Do not change you razor blade before in the middle of rescreening a pool cage you are far more apt to cut yourself of the screen.

Leave a tab along the chair wells of the cage so when you are tying them in later  you can pull out the screen and adjust for bubles

Order a roll of screen that will cover the walls of the cage so you can cut 3 pieces to do the entire primer of the cage.

Types of screen for pool cages

The water can not pass through the screen as easily as your standard 16 by 14 and the screen panel turns in to a sail on the top of your cage. Make sure your contractor is licensed and insured and that you save your contract just in case for future insurance needs. On that note AFI insurance is great and I wish everyone had it. Make sure your contractor uses proper spline super screen has special spline just for itself. If you have a older cage and have round spline that was designed to blow out during high winds. Unforgettably you cannot  change you spline from round to flat. Some cages are have a universal spline grove and they no longer make them any more because both types of spline will not hold in that spline track.   When hurricanes go through the state of Florida  we always get people that come form everywhere in search of work. In some cases they do more harm than good. The most recent example this was after Charley in 2004 many of the pool cages were build with out a permit and were not build to code. A structure that has not been finalized by the local county will not be covered by your insurance company.

South west Fl- Rescreen specializes in Pool screen repair. We service lanais, front entry ways and screen porches.  We offer full service to our clients form one screen repair to complete rescreens. We offer three types of screen New York wire, Phifer and super screen to accommodate our client’s needs and budgets.  Give us a call for a free estimate and find out what South west Florida rescreen can do for you.

rescreening services port charlotte | ft myers | sarasota

If you have a sliding outdoor patio doorway in your house, you know that the actual tested portion of the doorway will end up put on as well as damaged with time. With many years of use, steel displays will get nicks and wrinkles, fiberglass screens can certainly become pulled out of their body, and cloth screens could be ripped, ripped, or moth-eaten. One of the simplest do-it-yourself projects you are able to deal with in your own home is to rescreen your slipping door.

Rescreening the doorway yourself will save time and money, and the end product can lead to a significant face lift to that particular area of your house.

The initial step within rescreening your door would be to calculate along with elevation and thickness from the screen body. Be sure to give a the least 2 extra inches in order to each dimensions, to actually have enough materials. If you want to make a mistake on the side of extreme caution, add 4 to 6 in . to every dimension.

When you go to the home improvement store to buy brand new display fabric, be sure to take some time to discover the benefits of each type of material. Look for a materials that will not be eaten by insects and that consists of some type of Ultra violet chemical to prevent diminishing and rot. If you live within an area where gnats are a issue, you may also want to select a very fine mesh to prevent gnats and other small bugs from compressing via. Bear in mind, however, the finer meshed displays will also be more dark, and can allow less light shine through.

There are several other items you’ll want to pick up while you’re in the home improvement store. One of these simple is a item called display spline. Spline is really a slim, spaghetti-like rubberized material that is rolled into a groove around a screen doorway to hold the screen in position. Spline comes in many sizes, therefore it is advisable to take with you a small piece of your existing spline that was keeping that old screen in place. You will also have to purchase a unique device for rolling the spline into the groove, generally called a spline curler. The majority of big equipment shops may have this kind of resources, plus they make the work much faster and simpler. Some spline paint rollers even feature little hook-shaped knives at the conclusion for reducing the surplus screen material, the industry a lot safer method compared to utilizing a plain power edge.

Once you are back at home with all your tools, you’ll need to take away the display door from the moving track and find a set place to do the function. A clean garage or patio ground can work very well. Begin by removing the aged spline all the grooves. When the spline is taken away, that old screen material will distance themself quite easily. When the funnel store the spline is actually filthy, now would be a good time for you to clean or even vacuum it out.

Now you need to install your new screen. Center the brand new piece of screen fabric within the opening, and begin rolling your spline in to the groove, with the display material below this. If at all possible, using a second person to assist you with this procedure, by holding the actual screen square, is very useful. Nevertheless, if you don’t have someone to assist, think about tape the 4 edges of your screen to the door body with artists tape. This will help to keep your display in place while you work your way around the door. Make use of your spline roller device in order to roll the actual spline into position, making sure it’s deeply seated into the channel. Carry on this process, operating your way about all four sides from the door. When you’re carried out, the screen ought to be nicely extended as well as taught. The final action is to cut off the surplus screen material. Carry out this task very carefully; you won’t want to unintentionally reduce your newly extended display.

Unless you gets a large amount of make use of or you possess young kids or even pets in your house, most homeowners will only have to rescreen their doors once each and every Five to ten years. Once you have completed this task, you’ll have the actual satisfaction of having carried out the work yourself as well as understanding that you will be prepared to carry out the work once again when it’s needed next. Now your own screen door need to look such as brand new again and will also be ready for years of additional use in your home.

Screen repair

If you have kids it’s only a matter of time before your window screens get punched out or develop a hole where nobody seems to know how it got there. The pro repair guys aren’t cheap and the company that you bought your windows from may not even return your calls. So with that in mind, here is a simple way to rescreen a window so you can consider doing it yourself.

First you need to visit a local home supply company such as Home Depot or Menards or even a hardware store like True Value. There you’ll purchase a roll of screen, a spline roller tool and the rubber insert (spline). The cost of all will be around $13 which is enough to do around three full size screens or one screen door.

Okay, you have your tools, now you need to remove the existing screen frame from the window. There are usually two types. The older version has tabs that you twist to unlock the frame from the slide. The newer models require you to push the screen frame to one side or the other. Which ever is mushy. Do that. Cramer windows, for example are that style. It wasn’t readily apparent how they came out until I played around with it. Getting the frame out takes a little bit of effort. South west florida screen repair Start at the top or bottom and push hard to the one side and then pull the rest of the side out.

Now lay the frame on a flat surface. Remove the spine using a knife or screwdriver so pull out the end. Once started, pull it with your fingers to remove it around the entire frame. Now take out the screen itself and set this aside. If it’s large enough to use as a replacement for a smaller window screen elsewhere in your house, then save it for that, otherwise just pitch it rescreens charlotte county florida.

Open and unroll the new screen. Lay it on the frame and allow it to extend around the frame about an inch or so on each side. Pick a corner and press one end of the new spine into that. After you get it started, using the groove end of the spine tool, start working the rubber into the groove. As you move it around go down the side and around the edges, make sure to keep the screen as flat and taught as possible. You don’t need to clamp it, but watch out for bulges.

Once you reach the end, cut the rubber insert to size and press the end into place. Now take a utility knife and run it round the edge to cut off the excess screen material. You can run it along the metal or down so it’s just resting next to the spine. This makes for less chance of having the wire poking out.

All that’s left is to put the screen frame back into the sliding frame in the reverse way you took it out. Now you’re done. You saved money and learned another do-it-yourself project. Plus since you know how to do this type of project, now. you could even offer this as a service to others for a fee.